Boredom Is The #1 Barrier To Student Achievement.


2% of American students say they are “never bored” in class. 66% report they are “bored in class every day” and nearly half (47%) of all high school dropouts said a major reason for dropping out was that their classes "were not interesting” (Macklem, Boredom in the Classroom, 2015). This is a critical issue for all education stakeholders because a bored student is a disengaged student. If students are disengaged, they are much more likely to underachieve and this has a disparate impact on disadvantaged students.


But Now Schools & Teachers Have NeverBore

Based on 20+ years of practical technique, NeverBore is a system that demystifies the process of creating student-centric, active learning environments for academically rigorous high school classrooms. 



Our trainings are hands on in-person experiences that immerse groups of teachers in the use and creation of active-learning strategies. Follow-Up mentoring is available.


In-person or virtual one-on-one sessions that provide teachers a private opportunity to get detailed answers to questions regarding student engagement and active learning strategies.


NeverBore produces original step-by-step active learning lesson plans and curricular content as well as guidance for new teachers to meet your high school's specific learning needs.

Advice & Resources For Teachers


At NeverBore, we know there are barriers to implementing active-learning strategies. We help you analyze and break down those barriers to make teaching more effective for all of your students -- while meeting rigorous state and national standards. 


Free Sample Lesson Plans

Try active learning in your classroom today with one of our sample, step-by-step lessons. NeverBore can also identify or produce lesson plans to meet your specific classroom learning goals.

Free Sample Curriculum Content

NeverBore provides resources to help districts and teachers structure curriculum based on the principles of backward design. We also train you to develop curriculum with student engagement as a key component.

Praise For NeverBore